Q: Where is Rapid Topper based?

A: We are proudly designed and manufactured in the US of A.


Q: What is the weight limit of the Rapid Topper Lifts? 

A: We’ve done a professional comprehensive test of the lifts and found that they can safely lift a total of 400lbs with all 4 Rapid Lifts evenly engaged to your topper. With larger or longer toppers (over the cab and front weighted with accessories), it may be necessary to remove some gear in order to balance the load as evenly between the front and rear as possible.


Q: What if I have a rack and accessories on top of my topper or camper?

A: Most gear can be left secured in place. The lifts can handle up to 400lbs of total weight (evenly dispersed) . And the Rapid Topper Stands can support 400lbs as well (evenly dispersed).

NOTE: Calculate the total weight of your gear and accessories beforehand.


Q: What is the weight limit for the Rapid Stands?

A: They have been tested to support a 400lb static load. 


Q: How well do the Rapid Lifts secure my topper or camper?

A: We’ve been testing and using the early prototype version on the owners personal Toyota Tacoma for over a year now including multiple overlanding trips from the U.S. to Mexico. We are currently testing proprietary units with multiple manufacturers in conjunction with Rapid Topper Lifts to create a seamless transition for most suppliers. They are a definite improvement over traditional C-clamps and specialized camper clamps. 


Q: Do I only need 4 Rapid Lifts to raise or securely clamp my topper or camper to my 8’ bed?

A: For lifting, yes. 4 Lifts will do the trick. For clamping on longer truck beds, we recommend keeping the two middle clamps that came with your topper (for a total of 6 clamping points, 3 on each side) for added middle strength when securing your topper or camper. Note: If you're feelin surly and love to send it with your top on...you can add as many clamps as you want no matter the bed length. 


Q: Can I remove my topper or camper on non level surfaces?

A: We do not recommend lifting on slanted ground for safety reasons. Please find the most level surface possible. Releasing the Rapid Lifts™ while on a severe angle (front to back or side to side) could result in your topper or camper sliding off before your stands are safely positioned. 


Q: What does your warranty cover?

A: Limited lifetime guarantee. Please reach out to our customer service if you have any questions or problems.


Q: Can I us a drill to raise or lower my topper or camper?

A: Yes, but if you are using a drill GO SLOW!  You need to lift a maximum of 1 inch on each Rapid Lift™ opposite one another or across the bed. Ex: right rear then left rear, right front then left front. Your topper or camper should not be tilting excessively. If it appears that it is tilting, you may have an unbalanced load or you are on un-level ground. Correct as needed. If all Rapid Lifts are engaged then repeat the lifting sequence until you reach your maximum recommended height to remove your topper.


Q: Do I need to use drill to use my Rapid Lifts?  

A: No. You can use a normal 14mm box wrench or ratchet. 


Q: How many times can you use the Rapid Lifts?

A: We have personally tested the Rapid Lifts over 100 times and haven’t experienced any problems, only solutions for improvements. NOTE: Make sure to coat the lift bolts with anti-seize between 3-5 lifting operations. It's easiest to apply when in the lifted position and the lift bolt is completely exposed.


Q: What brand toppers and campers do Rapid Lifts work with? 

A:  Currently GFC, Topo Topper, Super Pacific, Smart Cap, ARE, LEER and Snug Top. 

NOTE: please reach out with your specific vehicle and topper before purchasing and we’ll make sure it fits!l like a glove!  LINK HERE